PDFsam Enhanced 7 is a powerful modular PDF toolkit that allows you to read, create, convert, edit, review, insert elements into, create and fill forms within, and secure and sign PDF documents. With this application, you can:

  • open, save, print and markup PDFs;
  • edit text and images of your electronic document;
  • add, remove, move, re-size and rotate any graphical element within your PDF;
  • secure your PDFs with password protection;
  • convert PDF documents into Word, HTML, .txt, and image files;
  • fill-in and create PDF forms;
  • insert page numbers, images, and page elements;
  • approve and sign documents digitally;
  • unlock text within images using OCR;
  • print the selected area in documents using the Print Selection tool;
  • apply the same formatting, such as color, font style and size to multiple pieces of text using the Format Painter tool.
  • determine the orientation and appearance of the paragraphs in PDF documents;
  • move, delete, copy, cut, past, align and arrange the grouped objects;
  • mirror the objects form left to right or from top to bottom;
  • remove sensitive information from the PDF document & erase potentially privacy-compromising metadata;
  • limit access to a PDF file and protect it by setting password with a right click on the file in the explorer;
  • compress multiple documents at optimal efficiency while maintaining file quality through the Batch feature;
  • aggregate the data collected through a form that had been provided to multiple people to fill out;
  • preview all pages in a document at once, move them via drag and drop or select;
  • reorder forms by dragging and dropping elements through the Forms section in the right panel;
  • get an automatically saved compressed version of your document using the second-highest compression selection.

PDFsam Enhanced 7 provides you with the ability to select the necessary package or edition with the features you need:

  • The Standard Package / Edition gives you the most essential functions you need to convert, edit and insert elements into your PDF document, extract pages of a PDF and split PDF documents into multiple smaller PDF files.
  • The Professional Package / Edition equips you with all the features available in the Standard Package / Edition, and allows you to create forms, encrypt PDF files and manage digital signatures, collaborate easily with annotation tools.
  • The PRO + OCR Package / Edition provides all the features of the Professional Package / Edition, and also allows you to turn scanned documents into editable and searchable PDF documents using the Optical Character Recognition feature.

With the PDFsam Enhanced Plan, you can get the StandardProfessional, and PRO + OCR plans with the full set of features as well as an individual plan with the main preferred feature:  

  • Convert Plan includes the view, create and convert features and helps you to convert a PDF file to any available file format in the application. 
  • Edit Plan keeps the view, create and edit features that open access to make document modifications.
  • OCR Plan allows you to transform scanned documents and images into editable PDF files, reconstruct the document structure, format your PDF, and recognize text locked within an image. The OCR feature can be added to all plans that do not include it.